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About Me

I'm Larita Blount. Entrepreneur and travel enthusiast.  Exploring new cultures and destinations are a true passion of mine. If I can share some of my experiences with other like-minded people and possibly let them take a virtual journey through the lens of my experiences... I'll aim to please. I can also help you plan and book a fantastic journey for yourself to have first hand knowledge and memories of a lifetime that money can't buy.  My expertise, along with the resources and knowledge I've acquired in becoming a travel advisor, is what I can offer to be your person travel concierge. 



I'm Larita Blount. A travel enthusiast and entrepreneur. My passion is traveling and seeking new adventures, along with assisting and helping others. As CEO and travel advisor of Aniyah Jade Travel, I strive to exhibit professionalism and personable experiences while assisting you with travel arrangements for a vacation full of memories that will last a lifetime.

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