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Southern Comfort Food

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Flavor in your mouth! If you are someone that likes comfort food, you have to check out these eateries in the Shreveport, Louisiana area.

Orlandeaux's Cafe, a staple restaurant that has been established many years in the area, is a MUST to try. The son took over, relocated and is in a beautiful location at the water. This place can be found crowded any day of the week, but you can order to go or stay and enjoy the ambiance at the water, listening to music and eating some good ole flavorful food. If you like spice, I do suggest the shrimp creole; a nice and spicy mouthful of flavor with good helpings of shrimp over rice. I also recommend their stuffed shrimp if you are a shrimp lover. It is served breaded, stuffed with lemon on the side and a side dish of your choice. Unfortunately I did not get anything to drink, but people all around me had what definitely looked to be some 'great' drinks.

Another establishment in the area I will suggest, is located at Margaritaville Casino called Dragos Seafood Restaurant. A very clean, modern eatery known for its charbroiled oysters, amongst many other likings of crispy alligator, eggplant sticks, ribeye over potatoes or crawfish mac n' cheese; this is a place you can eat great food while watching games on the big TV's and then maybe walk it off around the casino floor. A little pricey but worth it. The hospitality received from walking in to the service was superb!


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